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These 6 glitter colors are gorgeous chunky fine glitter. The industry's very best glitter is perfect for numerous crafts such as tumbler making, glitter nails, canvas art, slime, crafting, Skin crafts, and so much more.

Each color is hand selected from the finest materials for ultimate sparkle. So, if you're looking for the largest selection of the very best holographic glitter, LOOK NO FURTHER!

We are your one stop shop for high quality chunky glitter, shapes, & fine glitters. Comes with Glitter gel to apply glitter.

How To Use

  • Take Glitter gel and apply to area desired for glitter to reside.
  • Take a small amount of Glitter  from the pot with finger or brush and tap gently on desired application area.
  • Allow 2 minutes to dry.
  • Apply additional layers of product for a more intense, glittery look.


Our products are water, high temperature & solvent resistant. Polyester safe for many uses.