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Designed to be virtually weightless with multidimensional, subtle length variations to blend into your natural lashes and created with Too Faced's advanced thin-flex band that easily molds to your unique eye shape to lock down your look. These vegan, cruelty-free, 3D faux mink styles are reusable so they are designed to last and last and last.

How To Use

Eyelash Application:

  • Look down into a mirror for a clear view of entire lash line.
  • Hold eyelash to the eye to measure. Trim eyelashes with lash scissors at the outer corners. We suggest trimming in small sections and remeasure until the perfect length is reached.
  • Apply eyelash adhesive (sold separately) along lash band and wait 2 minutes for adhesive to dry and become tacky.
  • Place false eyelash on the center of the eyelid as close to the lash line using a lash applicator or clean fingertips.

Pro Tip: Before applying  Eyelashes top lash line with eyeliner to seamlessly blend false eyelashes with lash line.